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HeartWatch is a non-invasive service capable of detecting a person physiological parameters (heart/respiratory rate, oxygen saturation) through a camera.

HeartWatch was born in 2015 from a group of young students from Politecnico di Milano University, in Italy. In 2015 HeartWatch won the “Imagine Cup 2015 Italian Finals” and met Satya Nadella CEO at Microsoft (picture). heartwatch microsoft per media for health

Our goal is to create the first personal self-screening tool for heart and respiratory issues readily available to anyone worldwide. We want to make an impact in how these diseases are diagnosed.

HeartWatch is a platform anyone can use to perform simple self-screenings against silent heart and respiratory issues (such as Atrial Fibrillation), in less than 2 minutes.

All you need is a video camera looking at your face. We are not talking about a special camera, but the camera of any recent smartphone or computer. Our software turns cameras into health monitors.

If found positive, HeartWatch will advise the user to visit a doctor to perform a full diagnosis of the problem, and hopefully prevent a serious issue (such as a stroke) from happening.

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HeartWatch is going to fill the gap that today exists in terms of early screening of heart issues. It’s not feasible to pay 250€ or even more just to know if I maybe suffer from some heart issue. The low cost of HeartWatch instead will make it easily accessible to everyone.

The technology we are building is NOT only limited to Atrial Fibrillation. The parameters we already detect can also be used towards other diseases, related to heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation.

We recently closed our first clinical trial on Atrial Fibrillation patients, in late 2016 and we are now opening our first seed round to boost the growth of our startup. As of today, we can count on 5 publications and we are seeking to patent the algorithm.

HeartWatch Website

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The Co-Founder Guido Magrin linkedin per Media For Health and the CIO & Web Dev, Luca Bruno linkedin per Media For Health

Meet the Team

Why is your contribution important?

Face4Research lets you support the research against heart diseases led by HeartWatch. 

We are currently testing how our algorithms behave on different faces, but especially on different cameras! 

Your video will be processed by our algorithms and used to improve how they work, but will NOT be shared with anyone else. 

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